Tyres along with alignment for 10 Vehicles, February 2017


Страна: Бангладеш
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Дата публикации: 13-02-2017
Источник: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)
Тэги: Security Transport Land purchase services


Tyres along with alignment for 10 Vehicles, February 2017
Procurement Process : Other
Office : UNDP-SID, CHTDF, Rangamati, Bangladesh - BANGLADESH
Deadline : 22-Feb-17
Posted on : 13-Feb-17
Development Area : OTHER
Reference Number : 35649
Link to Atlas Project :
00085987 - Strengthening Inclusive Dev in the CHT
Documents :
RFQ Solicitation document
Overview :









DATE: 13-February 2017


Tyres along with alignment for 10 Vehicles, February 2017


Dear Sir / Madam:

We kindly request you to submit your quotation for Tyres along with alignment for 10 Vehicles, February 2017, as detailed in Annex 1 of this RFQ. When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2 and 3.

Quotations may be submitted on or before 22th February 2017; Saturday; 12.00 am midnight (local time) to

ebidbox-chtdf.bd@undp.org attention to Procurement Section

E-mail subject line should contain the RFQ reference “RFQ/2017-CHTDF01

Attention : Procurement Section

CHTDF- SID, UNDP, Rajbari Road


It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your quotation will reach the address above on or before the deadline. Quotations that are received by UNDP after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation.

Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the supply of the abovementioned good/s:

Exact Address/es of Delivery Location/s (identify all, if multiple)

  • Tyres should be delivered to Chittagong (Please mention the delivery address)
  • Alignments (alignment to be done in Chittagong since no alignment facility not available in Rangamati and other 2 hill districts)

Latest Expected Delivery Date and Time

☐ [indicate number] days from the issuance of the Purchase Order (PO)

þ Full delivery to be completed within 2 (two) weeks after award of notification or as agreed between the parties whichever comes earlier

Delivery Schedule

☐ Required ; Items should be delivered as per schedule provided in Annex-2

þ Not Required

Packing Requirements

Standard packaging is needed for delivery of the items. Will be done in consultation with the winning bidder.

Mode of Transport






Currency of Quotation

☐ United States Dollars

☐ Euro

þ Local Currency : BDT (Taka)

Value Added Tax on Price Quotation

þ Must be inclusive of VAT and other applicable indirect taxes

☐ Must be exclusive of VAT and other applicable indirect taxes

Deadline for the Submission of Quotation

Saturday, 22th February 2017, 12:00 am midnight (local time)

All documentations, including catalogs, instructions and operating manuals, shall be in this language

þ English

☐ French

☐ Spanish

☐ Others

Documents to be submitted

þ Duly Accomplished Form as provided in Annex 2, and in accordance with the list of requirements in Annex 1;

þ Latest Business Registration Certificate ;

þ Written Self-Declaration of not being included in the UN Security Council 1267/1989 list, UN Procurement Division List or other UN Ineligibility List;

þ Company profile with list of clients, with contact details (Organization’s name, Person’s name, email and phone number), for similar services.

þ Documentary evidence (PO, Contract) of supplying similar item(s) in the past along with minimum one sample of each item

þ Bank information (Bank name, branch, account name and number)

þ Quality certificates e.g ISO etc. and/or other similar certificates, accreditations, awards and citations received by the bidder, if any.

☐ A statement whether any import or export licenses are required in respect of the goods to be purchased including any restrictions on the country of origin, use/dual use nature of goods or services, including and disposition to end users;

☐ Confirmation that licenses of this nature have been obtained in the past and an expectation of obtaining all the necessary licenses should the quotation be selected;

☐ Quality Certificates (ISO, etc.);

☐ Latest Internal Revenue Certificate / Tax Clearance;

☐ Manufacturer’s Authorization of the Company as a Sales Agent (if Supplier is not the manufacturer);

☐ Certificate of Exclusive Distributorship in the country (if applicable, and if Supplier is not the manufacturer);

☐ Evidence/Certification of Environmental Sustainability (“Green” Standards) of the Company or the Product being supplied ;

☐ Complete documentation, information and declaration of any goods classified or may be classified as “Dangerous Goods”.

☐ Patent Registration Certificates (if any of technologies submitted in the quotation is patented by the Supplier);

Period of Validity of Quotes starting the Submission Date

þ 60 days ☐ 90 days

☐ 120 days

In exceptional circumstances, UNDP may request the Vendor to extend the validity of the Quotation beyond what has been initially indicated in this RFQ. The Proposal shall then confirm the extension in writing, without any modification whatsoever on the Quotation.

Partial Quotes

☐ Partial bidding is permitted; But bidders to quote for full quantities on any particular item. Partial quote on quantity for any item is not allowed.

þ Not permitted


Payment Terms

þ 100% upon complete delivery of goods

☐ Others

Liquidated Damages

1% per day on the total value of delayed delivery. In case the delay is more than 1 month the PO will be cancelled.

Evaluation Criteria


þ Technical responsiveness/Full compliance to requirements and lowest price

þ Full acceptance of the PO/Contract General Terms and Conditions

¨ Expiry dates – 75% of product shelf life.

¨ Conformity with the delivery schedule mentioned in Annex 2

UNDP will award to:


☐ One or more Supplier

þ One and only one supplier

Type of Contract to be Signed

þ Purchase Order/Work Order

☐ Long-Term Agreement

☐ Other Type/s of Contract

Special conditions of Contract

þ Cancellation of PO/Work Order if the delivery/completion is delayed by more than 1 month

þ Poor quality/not matched with required specification/unacceptable delivery and failure to do necessary corrections/replacements as requested by CHTDF, UNDP will result in cancellation of the PO/Work Order

Conditions for Release of Payment

Passing Inspection

☐ Passing all Testing

☐ Completion of Training on Operation and Maintenance

þ Written Acceptance of Goods based on full compliance with PO/Work Order requirements after full delivery

☐ Others

Annexes to this RFQ

þ Technical Specification (Annex 1)

☐ Delivery Schedule (Annex-2)

þ Form for Submission of Quotation (Annex 2)

þ General Terms and Conditions (Annex 3)

☐ Others

Non-acceptance of the terms of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall be grounds for disqualification from this procurement process.

Contact Person for Inquiries

(Written inquiries only)

Protul Dewan

Procurement Associate

Email: protul.dewan@undp.org

Md. Hasan Ullah

Admin. Associate

Email: hasan.ullah@undp.org

Any delay in UNDP’s response shall be not used as a reason for extending the deadline for submission, unless UNDP determines that such an extension is necessary and communicates a new deadline to the Proposers.




Technical Specifications



Description of Items/Materials Required


Date of Required Goods


Tyres (265/65R – 17) including alignment.

Brand ; Preferably Dunlop, Japan – or equal

10 Sets (50 numbers)

28 February 2017


Alignment of Tyres

10 Sets (50 numbers)

28 February 2017




(This Form must be submitted only using the Supplier’s Official Letterhead/Stationery)

We, the undersigned, hereby accept in full the UNDP General Terms and Conditions, and hereby offer to supply the items listed below in conformity with the specification and requirements of UNDP as per RFQ Reference No. _______:


TABLE 1: Offer to Supply Goods Compliant with Technical Specifications and Requirements



Item No.


Description/Specification of Goods





Unit Price


Total Price per Item










































Total Prices of Goods



Add : Cost of Transportation (If any)



Add : Other Charges (please specify)



Total Final and All-Inclusive Price Quotation




TABLE 2: Offer to Comply with Other Conditions and Related Requirements


Other Information pertaining to our Quotation are as follows :

Your Responses

Yes, we will comply

No, we cannot comply

If you cannot comply, pls. indicate counter proposal

Technical Responsiveness/Full compliance of Requirements and lowest price




Full acceptance of the PO/Contract General Terms and Conditions




All other information that we have not provided automatically implies our full compliance with the requirements, terms and conditions of the RFQ.



[Name and Signature of the Supplier’s Authorized Person]



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